We write the most common questions about our Facebook Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have 48-hours replacement warranty on all orders. We are glad to solve our customer’s problem within.

Yes, there is a valid email address connected. But, the customer will need to change the email address to secure the account email & password.

We recommend using the 2012 Facebook accounts. But, remember. This action may risk the accounts & it could lead to identity verification.

Our customer’s will be able to buy custom profiles from selected region or country. Find our targeted accounts in the home-page and search your best country.

We prohibit this kind of favor within our store. If someone is asking, we will not entertain. You must pay first then. You’ll have the account’s data to use for your project.

The problem generally applies to all users in the Facebook marketplace. We can avoid this problem by reviewing our listing image & descriptions before sending for approval. Facebook security artificially checks your listing for possible violations. If someone contacts your listing and you will reply, Facebook security will automatically restrict your account.

Yes, we always have BM, however we don’t have stocks for unlimited limit. We stocks up to 5 ads for every BM.

Yes, we can help you. We strongly advice to use the farm fb accounts. It is safe to change the email address, names and password of our farm fb without getting any restriction.