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Buy a Facebook PVA

Buy Facebook accounts were registered from rented residential IP address, we been used these accounts to manage hundreds of business around Europe and United States.

Our Facebook accounts are proven to many customers that the quality is very good in terms of making Facebook ads, make a Business Manager (BM).

So, if you’re looking a High Trusted Quality Facebook accounts (PVA) were here to help you.

Aged Facebook PVA

Aged Phone verified, high trusted accounts has a valid email, able to create ads, sell on FB Marketplace.

High Quality Accounts

We value your Time & Money, we promise to give the most reliable facebook accounts for your business

Facebook ADS Ready

Choose our Farm Facebook accounts, it has a lot of activities for 3 months, list of friends, photos, page & 2FA activated.

Advantages of Facebook PVA

Successfully phone verified, able create business ads without risking personal account to get banned.

Facebook PVA Disadvantages

You will lost access if asking valid ID for identity verification, disabled permanently if a verification is fail.

Help & Support

We give support to our customers exclusively, 12 hours a day except weekend.

How to buy Facebook Accounts?

Follow the steps below to buy facebook Profiles.

Step 1

Choose the package that suitable for your budget, this is one-time payment only.

Step 2

Order confirmation will be sent to your email, review your ordered accounts & follow the instructions .

Step 3

You will notify us via skype or telegram for payment methods & receiving the accounts.

Our Packages & Prices

Choose your suitable Facebook accounts & Facebook BM below, One time-payment only!

Facebook PVA's

Activated Features

New Facebook PVA's

Residential IP Registered


3 - 5 Months PVA's

Residential IP Registered

Verified Business Manager

Farm Facebook Profiles

Accounts best for advertising.

getapva products

2014-2018 Facebook

Aged ( Phone Verified Accounts)

getapva products

Aged Facebook PVA

with Marketplace - Phone Verified


Facebook Business Manager

You can buy unverified & verified Facebook Business Manager.

farm Facebook account


Activated Features

farm Facebook account

BM $50

Facebook BM Only. Spend limit $50, you'll get admin invitation link.

farm Facebook account

BM $250

Facebook BM Only. Spend limit $250, you'll get admin invitation link.

Verified Business Manager

BM $50 Verified

Facebook BM Verified, spend limit $50, you'll get admin invitation link.

Verified Business Manager

BM $250 Verified

Facebook BM verified, spend limit $250 you'll get admin invitation link.


Features Activated

We activate the most important features to our Facebook accounts in order to solve the future identity verifications.

  • Token Cookies

    Comes with Json Facebook cookie format, It is safe to open the profile using cookies, useful when transferring the ownership.

  • Email Address

    If you are looking a profile connected to a valid email address, our facebook pva's are suitable for you.

  • 2FA Authentication

    We have 2FA enabled, Facebook PVA is very secured this is the most requested feature on every facebook accounts.

  • IP is Residential

    Login with a residential IP address, we make sure all the profiles are in highest quality to suit for advertising.

  • Unique fingerprints

    Nowadays Facebook tracking all the device fingerprints, all the profiles are made in a brand new device fingerprint.

  • Details you'll get

    You'll get all the profiles information's, including date of birth, complete names, IP locations and email address.

Purchase Facebook PVA with (BM) Business Manager.

No need to wait for weeks or months to setup a new business manager, using our Facebook farmed  accounts (PVA) you’ll have the BM instantly. Once you buy the farm Facebook accounts, it will be yours completely, including the email address, the email is 100% accessible to your requested country.

Who will buy facebook accounts?

Buy Facebook Accounts

Affiliates Advertiser, Business & Agency Owners.

Affiliates advertisers - are the primary consumer of the Facebook accounts, they buy Facebook accounts to promote products to earned a commission of every sales have made, however facebook don’t like afflink so many advertisers are getting banned.

A small business owner or individuals who start business using Facebook, they consume the accounts to create a page, like a page, comments, cast a vote’s for contest, spying ads, ads research, selling second hand cars, house & lots via Facebook marketplace, and if they get banned, they will buy again and again.

Agency – Big advertising agency also consume a lot of Facebook accounts, we received high numbers of orders from big & small advertising agency who manage hundreds business around Europe & United States, every Facebook accounts stocks we got, as long as the quality tested and passed they get the accounts, thousands of Facebook farmed pva profiles are needed every month.

Why You Should Choose US?

At https://getapva.com, we have a great reputation for what we do. We sell Facebook PVA that has a high success rate, so you can be sure that your business goal of getting more customers and more sales will come easy.

We provide you with special and customized Facebook PVAs. GetaPVA Store is the first PVA seller to offer an IP address according to your Geo-location. Now you can take the world by storm!

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