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Facebook aged accounts?

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Get Facebook Old Accounts for your Business

Facebook features like marketplace & dating on app may not be available to use if the account is not old & don’t have enough activities.

Where us you can buy facebook dating account, since we’re the legit site to buy facebook account that have activities.
An older account with phone numbers are good for listing. So, buy facebook marketplace account in our store are normally used for business, entrepreneurship, developers etc.

Our facebook Accounts were registered from targeted countries using the best-performing rotating residential IPs.

Also, were created, uploaded pictures and filled-up the details manually to ensure the quality are always the same.

All fb account for sale is secured with login-able email address and the 2FA authentication with backup key to have the possible answer when fb asking the six digits verification codes.

These aged facebook accounts are strong & recommended for paid advertising. We have thousands of pva accounts stocks right now. If you question, please read our faq.


2020 without friends
$ 30 Packages
  • You'll get 10 Profiles.
  • Data includes, uid, password, cookies, 2fa, email, email password
  • Instant Delivery
  • Many Stocks
  • Sample Profile - View Profile

Facebook Aged Profiles

2018 without friends
$ 50 Packages
  • You'll get 10 Profiles.
  • Data includes, uid, password, cookies, 2fa, email, email password
  • Instant Delivery
  • Many Stocks
  • Sample Profile - View Profile

2010 -2016 Super Aged Accounts

With friends
$ 12 Each
  • Very Strong
  • Data includes, uid, password, cookies, 2fa, email, email password
  • Instant Delivery
  • Limited Stocks
  • Sample Profile - View Profile

Buy facebook accounts across the world.

Grow your business across borders using our
Facebook Aged accounts.

What are we selling? We are selling old facebook accounts. Yes, a facebook profile we’re created.
Here are the types of fb PVA accounts we owned and for sale now.

Facebook PVA, ( Phone Verified ) accounts registered manually. We have fresh registered, also have months old, 1-year old, 4 – 5 years aged accounts, verified & unverified BM, Reinstated Ad account,
marketplace account phone-verified, farmed account with enough activities, facebook dating accounts available on app.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We are the sole owner of all accounts, we are not a reseller, there will be no limit of stocks. These accounts are not stolen, we registered our accounts long ago for scrapping ads, sending likes to a page then we stopped now we sell them all.

Yes, exactly will give the instructions. However, if you’re an experienced user you may still continue using your own ways to manage the accounts. You can ask questions about our accounts in time once you purchase.

Our recommended proxies are the residentials and mobile proxies, private proxies sometimes good, and sometimes bad, that’s why we prefer using residential Ip. Residential rotating Ip is fine as long the Ip is within the same city & country.

We prefer not to add friends, activities are sent page likes, news feeds browsing, spying competitors’ ads, scrapping competitors’ ads, but it just happened 4-5 years ago and may not be found in the activity logs. Avatars & photos are still there.

We are using Residential rotating IP’s during registration of accounts; we record the original IPs of each account we completed. Our accounts are IP based; you just follow the IP locations when using accounts. We do not recommend using different IP’s.

We have two recommended Ips, residential & mobile IP. The cheaper one is the residential proxies; mobile proxies are the expensive.

Find a package which is suitable for your budgets, follow the order button and will redirect to the assigned page where you can place the order. There will be a manual process of payments, you must provide your valid email in order to get the payment link.

If you’re a regular customer, we will give discounts up to 20% depending on the quantity of your purchase. There will be no discounts for new customers on our website. If you wish to get discounts, place the order via skype and telegram.
We usually deliver the orders within 24 hours, there will be a delay if you purchase during the weekend and holiday season.

In that case, contact us via skype and telegram to know the problem with your order. Sometimes we hold the delivery if the payment is on-hold or rejected.

It is quite simple to access our accounts, but first you need to have an individual Ip for each account, to make sure it will not get blocked. We deliver in a zip file, extract the zip and look at the csv file, there you will see the list of accounts data. Use the email and password to login, if the access 6-digits codes appear, use the secret key to generate the codes using 2fa key generator.
If you need 6-digits codes, use the secret key to generate the six digits codes using 2fa key generator.
The problem is that usually your IP is blocked, mismatched the accounts Ips may cause a checkpoint, so before opening the account make sure to follow all the IP-location we provide in your order.
We do not recommend reuse the existing IP address to another account, please avoid using multiple fb accounts in one IP. We do not replace if facebook blocks your accounts for no reason.
Yes, but we recommend changing the password via Facebook app, we do not recommend changing password on desktop browser. If you don’t have a facebook app, we suggest using the account for at-least 3 days before changing the information including email & password.

Yes, you can start a personal ad account immediately using facebook aged accounts, if the accounts already have 2fa setup then, you’ll be ready to start. Please bear in mind that you are responsible for actions you have made, don’t blame us.

If your BM is verified, then our facebook aged accounts are suitable to assign as back-up admin, employee, analyst etc.

What is your reason? If your reason is valid, we accept the return within 24 hours after we deliver it to you. Failure to return we may not honor your reason. Hope you understand and enjoy your day.
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