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Using our website.

The Website is intended for use by adults or by minors who are authorized and supervised by an adult at all times and who are responsible for his or her minor’s use.

Buying our Facebook accounts

Our facebook accounts are made by human, we do not sell hack, brute accounts to our customers. All the facebook accounts you are going use are origin from us only.

Refund Policy.

All customers are subject to ask refund within the warranty period, asking a refund beyond the warranty period is no longer accepted.

Warranty Period

When you buy facebook accounts, Business Manager (BM) in our store, you’ll get cover to our 48 hours warranty. You must check the profiles & BM before 48 hours to claim a replacement or a refund.

Delivery Time

All the ordered Facebook accounts will  be delivered within 24 hours, we need to verify the payment if not stolen or unauthorize, If we confirmed the payment is good we deliver the accounts immediately.  

We replace only once.

In rare cases, some customers are neglect, accessing multiple accounts even he/she notice the accounts are getting banned, ignore the instruction, abuse the replacement warranty is not allowed. If you’re first accounts get banned, you’ll be able to ask a replacement, and If the replacement is banned again, we prohibit to send additional replacement.

We are not responsible for your actions.

Accessing Facebook Accounts

You must have 1 proxy every 1 Facebook account, opening the account without proxies, we’ll give no support, warranty will be no longer valid.

Facebook Advertising Restriction.

Avoid to visit personal ads manager, create a Business if the Facebook accounts do not have any history and activities. Asking a replacement because the advertising is restricted we verify the date of caught, once we found that happened after we deliver the accounts, we’ll not give any replacements.

Business Manager Advertising Restriction.

We do not give a support if the BM advertising is restricted  fail to report within the warranty period, we do not base the account quality restriction date, we base your report. if you fail to report the problem beyond warranty period, we are no longer able to give a replacement.

Farmed Facebook Accounts

Our Farmed Facebook accounts are strong and able to create instant ads immediately, each Facebook accounts we valued, farming manually, we do not allow our accounts will get disabled in your side. So, we do not give replacement if without proof.
Asking a replacement must have video recorded as a proof when opening our farmed accounts.

Buy these accounts on your own risk

if you are not a risk taker do not buy. Once you paid, we are no way to refund your money after warranty period.

Follow our recommendation when using farmed.

If you are excited to buy, make sure you have the mobile and residential IP address, If not, you will buy addon Mobile LTE Proxies to bind the Facebook account here in our store.

Account Usage Requirements

1.1 Be sure to use trusted private & residential proxies;

1.2 It is forbidden to use a dynamic Ip address for working with accounts (a dynamic ip is not a proxy, because it could be used by other clients of your provider before you);

1.3 – It is prohibited to use any VPN services to work with accounts;
1.4 It is forbidden to use public proxies, shared proxies (aka shared), ipv6 proxies for working/checking accounts;

1.5. It is forbidden to use private proxies as shared (If you log in to 2 or more accounts from one private proxy, it automatically ceases to be private. See point 1.4);
1.6. It is forbidden to work with more than one account without changing the device fingerprint (User-agent, viewport size, set of plugins, browser cache, cookies) or the device itself;

1.7. It is forbidden to work with accounts using virtual machines, simulators, emulators, vps and vds servers;

1.8. It is forbidden to use the IP address of your own physical machine (also known as the local or home address) to work with accounts.

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