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Setup a Page, Create a Business Manager & Ads Accounts.

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Our store supply to every advertisers who are looking a facebook accounts for business purpose.

PVA Benefits

Account is phone verified, strong has a valid email, able to create ads, marketplace listing, monetized the PVA.

Essentials of PVA

A tools to every advertisers, who manage dozens of Facebook ads, multiple marketplace listing.

Farmed PVA

Old or Aged, comes with activities, with business manager, friends & email address, 2FA activated.

Advantages of PVA

Successfully phone verified, able create business ads without risking personal account to get banned.

PVA Disadvantages

You will lost access if asking valid ID for identity verification, disabled permanently if a verification is fail.

Help & Support

We give support to our customers exclusively, we assist our customer who are looking for help within 24 hours.

Purchase Facebook BM

No need to wait for weeks or months to setup a new business manager, using our farmed PVA you can claim a new one.

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How to buy Facebook Account?

Follow the steps below to buy facebook Profile

Step 1

Choose any packages that is suited to your budget. Prices are separated in different set of fb account for sale pack, then send the order to your email.

Step 2

Wait our email confirmation that will send to your email, If no new messages arrive check your spam folder and follow the payment instruction

Step 3

We will notify the buyer that the payment is successfully we received. After we verify the payment is legit you’ll get the account in 24 hours.

Features Activated

We activate the most important features to a Facebook accounts in order to solve the future identity verifications.

  • Token Cookies

    Is a Json format, It is safe to open the profile using cookies, useful when transferring the ownership.

  • Email Address

    If you are looking a profile connected to a valid email, our pva's are suitable for you because we linked a valid email.

  • 2FA Authentication

    2FA authentication enable, Facebook PVA is very secured this is the most requested feature in every Facebook account.

  • IP is Residential

    Login with a residential IP address, we make sure all the profiles are in highest quality to suit for advertising.

  • Unique fingerprints

    Nowadays Facebook tracking all the device fingerprints, all the profiles are made in a brand new device fingerprint.

  • Details you'll get

    You'll get all the profiles information's, including date of birth, complete names, IP locations and email address.