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Very reliable marketplace accounts for buy & selling on facebook. We design, warmup all the profiles to get fast listing approve.


Facebook Marketplace Account's

Facebook ecommerce is like craigslist, ksl cars and amazon where you can sell or buy items nearby your location within the platform. However, facebook doesn’t allow marketplace features into new registered, inactive accounts. So, if you want access to the marketplace tools, you need to have aged facebook accounts & that’s the reason maybe you come along planning to buy facebook marketplace accounts.

In our store, we have 3 types of accounts. 

  • Accounts with marketplace but don’t have listing yet.
  • Accounts with marketplace, warmup with listing approved.
  • Facebook accounts with marketplace, warmup with listing approved, shipping enabled.

Anything like account with bulk listing contact us directly for inquires.
Note: We don’t sell marketplace account with valid ID, or SSN data.


Features of marketplace accounts.

  • Connected with valid email address, we use Gmail alone for high authenticity.
  • Connected with Phone-Numbers, price depends on where the country registers.
  • During warm up process, we used residential proxies, rent the proxy if you want to use the same IP address.
  • Two-Factor Authentication Enabled, we provide the secret key.
  • Json cookies for browser like chrome, also have header cookie for mobile facebook app.
  • Support & guide is free, replacements within 48 hours.
  • In order to deliver high quality accounts, we need you to understand, that the delivery is within 24 hours, enough time to sort out the good accounts for you.
  • You will receive either male or female accounts during delivery.
  • It should be, aged with 4 years, friends are mixed, can’t be the same country at a time.

If you think the above information helps you, consider buying one first, make a test & if it’s useful for your business or task come again & buy more.

Buy Facebook accounts with marketplace across the world.

List your business across Facebook using Facebook marketplace accounts worldwide.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that all Facebook accounts you bought are registered in GEO-IP based. & We are certain that our customers will receive the 100% working accounts.


We have live-chat support via telegram & skype. Exclusive methods & instructions we will give during the account's delivery.


You may get the profiles native language names. With marketplace access. IP Logged-in History. Cookies. Email Recovery.

24 Hours Delivery

All orders will be process manually & we verify the payment & payeer before we deliver. All data we provide will be send to your email.

GetaPVA the bestselling country for facebook accounts

For Quick purchase & Reference these are the most requested country & we have our big stocks affordable.

What is the first step to do when I received the accounts?

We recommend using fresh browser, setup a proxy and the proxy must be a residential IP. If you don't have you can buy here.

  • Mobile IP - most expensive IP, recommended for Instagram
  • Residential IP - best for facebook.
  • Why I need to use proxy & why residential IP is the best for my accounts?

    Using a proxy if your home IP is different to the accounts IP and the residential IP is the best for Facebook because it has been used by a lot of people in their home.

    I have all the recommended setup, the fresh browser & residential proxy what’s the next step?

    Unzip the file, view the excel data and you'll see the list of names, email, password, 2fa secret key and IP-locations screenshot.
    Login the account using email and password Facebook will ask six digits code for 2FA authentication, generate six digits code using 2fa secret key.

    4-Years aged

    Buy 1 Marketplace

    Accounts with marketplace, warmup with listing approved.

    Facebook accounts with marketplace, warmup with listing approved, shipping enabled