Learn the basic way to farm the facebook accounts

Do you want to know how to manage hundreds of Facebook accounts?

Dear Customer

Once you bought Facebook PVA & BM in our store, you will get exclusive instructions during delivery.

Buying or Making your own.

Buying a Facebookpva – you’ll get instant access, strong and enough to be farm for few days.
Making your own – Fresh and it easily get disabled, it takes months to be farm.


Private Proxy – Use quality private proxy, Do not use shared and make sure its brand New.
Disadvantages: Target geolocation may different because Facebook, google, Instagram and twitter are tagged the geo of the IP owner.

Residential IP – Target geolocation is base the residential places, cities. It is really good for paid advertising.
Disadvantages: Expensive  it cost around $35/1gb when you buy a paid to go package in brightdata.

FREE BROWSER: We suggest to use Avast secure browser for free, It is safe because it support to protect your browsing activity private, browser identity is altered so it is safe.
Disadvantages:  Unable to create multiple browser user’s.. You’ll need to create manually to have it work.

Rent a Software: There are many software that been made to use for managing hundreds or even thousands of accounts in just one place.

Linken Sphere, Multilogin, indigo, adspower.

Disadvantages: Additional cost, It cost around $95 per month, so if you are wise to get a lot of works make easier then you have the option to choose.

Opening the actual Facebook accountTo open the Facebook account, Use the cookie that we provide during the delivery. And if you got a Facebook accounts with 2FA activated, then use the 2FA instead to authenticate your browser and IP address.

Make sure that you’re doing human activities, in the first day  Facebook suggest new pages to like in the news feeds, hit like button all of them, then after find interesting topic for you and like the people who comments, and leave also a comment there. 

After few days facebook sending you a notifications of friends suggestion,  people showing up it depends in your browser dns, IP address, browser& device time zone, mobile number and email address.

Adding Friends –Add friends only from suggestion notifications, people will show up in find friends but adding there is not safe. It is better to add friend using the notification.

Adding Content –After few days of using the Facebook accounts, you can start adding your content, original or from google, make sure that you’ll not posting nude content.

Adding the Profile to your BM – Once it is ready, you can add the accounts to your BM, assign permession to manage the campaign.

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