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How to avoid my facebook account from identity verification.

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Do you have Facebook Account ID Verified?.

We do not supply such accounts, Take note that all Facebook accounts we sold are not connect to a real person exist.

Can you provide accounts with Proxies?

If you wish to rent the proxies then get the proxies without problem.

Do you give Cookies?

All the accounts we provide are comes with cookies.

What is cause why I get Disabled?

It depend in your action, however in our case that usually happened if you made a mistake by logging to a bad proxy. Or a browser fingerprint that being used to many Facebook accounts.

How to avoid my browser fingerprint being leak?

Rent a software called, linken sphere, multilogin app, AdsPower, INDIGO. If you cannot afford to rent, Install avast secure browser and activate the recommended settings.

How to avoid Bad Proxies?

Use residential and Mobile proxies we are using brightdata residential and mobile proxies.

What is the proper way to open the Facebook accounts?

Login thru email and password, if you manage multiple accounts you’ll need to use proxies & cookies, residential proxy is recommended.

How to use the cookies?

Most browser support json cookies, install a browser extension and import the cookies, using a software like linken sphere, multilogin upload the cookie is so easy.

3 – 5 Months Facebook PVA able to make business manager?

Yes, as long as the accounts are actively used, without activities or inactive may lead your account permanently disable if you try to create BM. Best to warm up the accounts first, add friends, timeline photos etc.

2018 Facebook Accounts are good?

All the accounts are good made in residential IP, however the results depend in your action, as long as you follow the instruction the Facebook accounts will be in a good quality.

Is the Farm Facebook Accounts being ready for ads?

Exactly, all the profiles are warmup and used, with activities, friends and email 2FA activated. So, these accounts are really good and ready for ads because it has a BM on it.

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